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you can call me queen bee ✰

(friends only.) stop it, c'mon, you know i can't help it.
you can call me queen bee ✰
because fans of any other media don't know what it's like when your favorite character have died four times.
because fans of any other media don't know what it's like when half of your otp becomes an alien supervillain.
ah, comic fans. unite. be it marvel, dc, or something else entirely -- unite.

COMIC FANS -- UNITE. (a friending meme)

you can call me queen bee ✰
yet another friending meme. you know the drill.
there's only one specific rule: keep it short.
(or else frank the goat might cry. -- sadface.)

you can call me queen bee ✰
    info: ever wanted fic of a ship so rare even going to ff.net didn't help? has ao3 not even provided a section for your fandom? well, we're here for your obscure needs. from ships and fandoms that were once popular but now have been completely abandoned and forgotten, to the unloved ships of big fandoms, or even that unpopular ship within the already unpopular fandom. we feel your pain, dude.

    1. i won't check just how rare your fandom/ship is. trusting your judgement of how obscure your fandom or ship is.
    2. you prompt as many as you want (pLEASE PROMPT A LOT OK), then:
    3. you fill the prompts that you like. ps: prompts can be filled more than once;
    4. after having completed a fill, please go to the thread of filled prompts and comment there. if you don't, there's a big chance i won't see your fill, and if i don't, it won't go to the list of filled, obviously.

but you must bring the goods.

List of filled prompts:Collapse )
you can call me queen bee ✰

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you can call me queen bee ✰
11 December 2012 @ 09:37 pm
my thread here
ohmygod. this is a lovely idea, and thank you so much in advance for anyone who cares enough to leave anything here ♥
you can call me queen bee ✰
because you guys were perfect and amazing and super fucking enabling last time i posted a snippet of my original, i wanted to share what i have so far. it's what's supposed to be a first chapter, possibly finished but definitely not revised. i'd like to know your thoughts, but if you can please not be too harsh, my ego would appreciate it. lmao BUT WHO AM I KIDDING I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHETHER YOU CARE. and. anyway. so this is it. i don't know what else to say in terms of introduction. here it is:

once upon a time, there were two doomed sisters, and one demon, and a house.Collapse )
you can call me queen bee ✰
    001. you do not talk about santa gab.
    002. you do not talk about santa gab.
    003. if someone says "stop" or goes limp, too fucking bad the angst's still coming.
    004. only two fics for person.
    005. one day for each fic. (one day can be claimed twice)
    006. no shirts, no shoes.
    007. fics will go on for as long as they have to. (jk they end on dec 20)
    008. if this is your first time with santa gab, you have to request.

    avengers (bruce/tony), 2 broke girls (any combo of max/caroline/andy), arrow (anything), beauty and the beast (any combo of cat/tess/evan/heather), elementary (anything), last resort (anything ever), misfits (anything that doesn't involve that creeper finn), monster high (anything ever), once upon a time (they're all lesbians so femslash only ok), revenge (anyhing), the neighbors (reggie/amber but also the parents who are human), the vampire diaries (i only write damon if he's fucking stefan or rose other than that nope, the rest i'm cool with), teen wolf (anything except sterek and stydia), percy jackson series (percy/luke only tbh sorry), community (anything), lost girl (except dyson/bo hit me), shameless us (mickey/ian/lip any combo is fine), revolution (tom/anyone, jason/anyone but charlie, nora/anyone ok these are my ships). crossovers are A+ and super accepted. -- also, i won't write fic focused on spn, but crossovers with spn i'm okay with.

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you can call me queen bee ✰
16 November 2012 @ 09:40 am

    1. you click "comment" in someone's thread;
    2. you copy+paste the text in the box below;
    3. you let them know the good things you think of them;
    4. you rec them things because sharing is good;
    5. you comment with your own username so people can do the same.
    (6. you keep out all the hate because lbr this isn't the place.)

    ps: you don't need to already be friends to comment in each other's threads.